How to take care of others

Online 5 days energy workshop -
How to take care of others

2 November - 6 November 2020

10 am - 12 pm CET

+ 30 Minutes extra time for Questions & Answers 

All sessions are recorded and therefor available even if you can't join live


Rahul discovered that he is capable of working from a distance and tap into your energy. And it is working great!!!!

Now he is preparing for the next class: 'Taking care of others: a five days energyworkshop'.



  • do you want to learn a full 1.30 hours energetic treatment from the beginning to the end?

  • and like to know the meaning of each movement in it?

  • are you looking for a higher level of consciousness for others AND for yourself?


By giving this treatment to your clients, you will help them to experience a deep relaxation (trust us, we have been there ourselfs ;) ).  It wil clear and recharge all the energypoints (chakra's)  and help your client to clarify past memories that are causing blockages.  The client will experience an intense level of grounding, which is important in these times.  On top of that, the treatment will increase the immune system and improve their sleep.  

The program:


Day 1

After a short introduction about Rahul Bharti and his connection with Shamanism you will learn some practical exercises to release your tiredness and a breathing exercise that will enhance your energy as a giver. A theoretical class is followed about how you can provide a high quality treatment. 


Day 2

We start the class with a breathing exercise and a kind of QiGong practice that raises your chi power. From here we are ready to start the first part of the Ancient Healing, a laying hands on treatment of 1,5 hour, also called the grandparent of Reiki. 


Day 3

Together we go through the exercise clarifying the Kundalini line, the central line of your body. We will balance, awaken and bring your male and female energy together, finishing with a closure of your aura, the energy field around your body. Then we will move on to the second part of the Ancient Healing.


Day 4

Before we finish the last part of the Ancient Healing, you will learn to open your Third Eye and the Muladhara chakra, two very important chakras when you are taking care of others. At the end of the Ancient Healing you learn to close the aura of the receiver. 


Day 5

On the last day we teach one more exercise to increase the immune system for you as a giver. Then you will learn 2 important energy works that can benefit many people. We will teach you to give a ‘Defragmentation’ whereby you realign all the cells of the brain, and how to clarify the Solar Plexus chakra.


We go online November 2th till November 6th.  

We work on a daily base from 10am CET till 12am CET.  

From 12 till 12.30pm, we are available for questions and answers.   Although ... it can last a bit longer knowing Rahuls style of teaching ;)  

All the sessions will be recorded and will be available online for 3 weeks.  

If you cannot join us live, it is not a problem.  You can watch the recordings any time and practice straight away. 

If you can join us live: great! You are welcome to invite one 'client', so you can start practicing the treatment immediately.  Please make sure the client is always the same person.  

 € 197

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