ONLINE 5 Days Energy Workshop: Taking Care Of Others

Date: 15 July - 19 July 2020

Course time: 10 am - 12 pm

+ 30 Minutes extra time for Questions & Answers 


In this 5 days Energy Workshop Rahul Bharti will teach you various techniques that he has learnt while living and learning with gypsies and a Shamanic tribe in Sri Lanka. 


Level up your healing practice and give treatments that deeply heal others.  

Rahul Bharti teaches ancient healing techniques which he gathered while living with various traditional tribes in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Canada . With this unique synergy of techniques, he will teach you about the functioning of your physical, energetic and emotional body in order to heal yourself and others.

With his team Rahul Bharti is travelling the world already for many years.

Due to the special circumstances, Rahul will share his knowledge life from Nepal.  

Join us in the European virtual summer tour! 

Understanding your energetic system - Self-care and how to do it - 

Loving yourself - Relationships and sexuality - 

Challenges of parenting and family life - 

Healing your roots - 

Back pain and other physical issues - 

Dancing with the wind - 

Taking care of others with singing bowls 

Each day from 10am till 12 am Brussels time zone

All sessions will be recorded and will be available to watch afterwards

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One Month Healing Retreat

In Kathmandu, Nepal

Ancient Massage 

   Energy Healing: Ancient Reiki

   Sound Healing: Tibetan Singing Bowls

   Dynamic Meditation: Raising of the Consciousness

   Cleansing of the Physical and Energetic Body

   Dancing with the Wind: Tai Chi

   Ancient Stretches: Yoga


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